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Vehicle Disposal/Removal

Trying to sell or dispose of vehicles that are no longer required by your business takes up a lot of time and its easy to get overwhelmed in the logistics and admin side of things.

Once you accept an offer from MDEL, we will arrange for the vehicle to be collected along with the V5 and any other documents that are required.  The offer from MDEL will either be a trade price or a scrap value price depending on the situation and to make sure you get the best offer possible.


Once the vehicle is collected, money is transferred into your account ready for you to invest into your business with minimal effort from your side.

Have you got vehicle on Finance about to be returned to the hire company?

When a vehicle is coming to the end of it's lease/contract hire, the company will get a reminder to make sure it is ready to go back.  If the vehicle goes back and it is in bad condition, you can get charged a lot of money for damages.

At MDEL, once we know a vehicle is due back, we ensure that the servicing is all up to date and get the driver to do a thorough walkaround to report any damage to the bodywork, alloys, windscreen etc.  If any issues are highlighted we arrange the booking with the driver to ensure that the issues are rectified.  Once rectified, we call up the finance company for you and arrange collection at a preferred time from a preferred address.

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