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Gowash App - Available now for Fleets

If you run a fleet of vehicles and wish for those vehicles to be kept clean, you may be used to dealing with driver receipts, petty cash and management of drivers who forget to wash their vehicle.  But what is there was another way through MDEL?

'GoWash' is an app based solution for just this problem.  Drivers can download the app onto their phones, find a site nearby and get their vehicle cleaned.  Payment is done via the app so no petty cash involved or receipts!  

One account to manage all your fleet washing expenses

Add/Remove vehicles and set frequency limits to control expenses

Drivers charge their wash to the MDEL account, through the GoWash app

Transactions appear on your fleet invoice.  Check with our activity reporting which vehicles have been cleaned

Get in touch to find out where you can buy premium detailing goods at an affordable price

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