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Nationwide Mis fuel Specialists

Have you ever had one of your fleet vehicles mis fuelled?  The AA say that on average 1 person every 3 minutes puts the wrong fuel in their car, so having this resource available is totally worth it on a fleet basis.


No matter where you are in the UK one of our fuel drain specialists can be with you within the hour.  We drain the contaminated fuel from your vehicle and put the right fuel back in your tank. 

Rarely does the vehicle need a second visit after this but we do suggest changing the fuel filter within 48 hours of mis fuelling happens. 

Not only is it convenient, through MDEL it’s a pay as you go service so no monthly coverage cost!


With only one site visit to sort the issue, downtime is reduced massively and there are no expensive recovery costs or main dealer drainage costs.

It generally takes 35 minutes average to drain the fuel.  We then add the correct fuel, test the engine and your driver can be on the way in no time.

Why use MDEL

Issue solved after one visit, No garage attendance required

Cost Efficient 

Available 365 days a year, 24/7

Aftercare if required

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