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Who's watching your vehicle?

We supply and fit British made and monitored Thatchem approved trackers to cover insurance requests and for your own peace of mind.

A Vehicle is stolen EVERY 5 MINUTES in the UK, here are just 5 ways:





Break in and steal 

Bypassing the vehicle manufacturer security system 

Key code captured upon locking/unlocking vehicle

Amplifies your wireless key signal allowing the thief to open and start the vehicle.


Used to code in new keys and disable the alarm and other security systems

Let MDEL take care of it, and give you piece of mind

In-House Monitoring

24/7 Secure control centre allowing device to be fully monitored throughout UK and Europe

International Network Roaming

These trackers use multi-network and roaming SIMs to ensure the strongest network connection at all times

Recognised by all Major Insurers

With over 13 years trading and Thatcham and insurance listings to give peace of mind and stability for customer and insurer

Movement Alerts

If vehicle is moved without ignition or driver identification present, the control centre will contact you

Driver Identification

Technologies that monitor the driver of the vehicle.  If the identification is not present the device will send an alert to the secure control centre

Flexible Subscription Options

Includes yearly, monthly, 24 and 36 month options as well as duration of ownership

Anti-tamper Monitoring & Battery

In build battery backup.  Activated if the battery is disconnected or main power to the tracking device is removed

Repatriation Network

As well as using police forces, we use independent repatriation investigators around the world.  They have extensive local knowledge and can assist in the recovery of any stolen vehicles.

Multiple Tracking Technologies

As well as GPS-based tracking, we utilise other technologies to track and locate vehicles in the event of theft.

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