Vehicle Security 

A lot of us aren't using our vehicles at the minute due to lock-down and the current Covid-19 crisis. This means a lot more vehicles are sat around for weeks on end which makes them ideal targets for theft or break-ins. We have got you covered and want to offer you some advice that could help you keep your vehicle out the hands of the bad guys.

  1. Parking is actually really important and what I mean by that is how and where you park your vehicle. The best place to park your vehicle is in your driveway or garage, however this isn't possible for everyone. If you are parking your vehicle on the road that's okay. What you need to do is try and park as near to your house as possible or where several windows are overlooking the vehicle. This is to act like a deterrent as potential thieves will check out all vantage points and view points before they plan to take a vehicle.  If you vehicle is on the road, park with your wheel's turned in to the curb to make any attempted get-away more difficult. However, if you plan to use your car, try to remember this and not drive into the curb. If you can, park somewhere that is well lit at night, another deterrent.

  2.  Valuables. Now you may think this is an obvious one but you might be surprised how many people leave valuables in their vehicles. When your vehicle is not in use for long periods, you need to remove any valuables, anything from the glove box and the middle compartment. It is also advised to remove any charging leads, phone/satnav holders and even remove any marks that show that a sat-nav holder was on the screen. This may sound ridiculous but if a potential bad guy sees anything that could indicate anything worth stealing then the chances of a break-in are a lot higher. Even if they don't take your vehicle, it could cost to get the damages repaired.

  3. We can provide you with additional security products to secure your car. A Twin bar Steering Lock can be put on in a few minutes, totally securing your steering wheel so that your car cannot be driven. Another thing we provide is Thatchem Approved Trackers, supply and fit so that in the unfortunate case of your car being stolen, it can be tracked and returned to you(the benefit with this is hopefully catch the bad guy at the same time).