Caring for your vehicle during Lock-Down

During the current lock-down, a lot of us are working from home and our vehicles are no longer in use. This may seem pretty harmless but the truth is vehicles never do well when they are sat for long periods of time. Batteries go dead, tyres lose pressure and brakes can seize up.

If you have been furloughed or your working from home, here are a few tips to help you take care of your vehicle:

  • Start your vehicle up at least once a week and run until it is up to temperature - if your vehicle is on the road or in your drive you will need to stay with it for security reasons. Avoid turning your engine on and off in quick succession as this uses battery power each time. This isn't replenished unless the battery is given time to charge

  • While running your vehicle, turn your air conditioning on - there is a lubricant in the system that needs to circulate to avoid loss of pressure and help maintain the seals. This also reduces the chance of mould developing in your vehicles air circulation system

  • It is also good practise to move your vehicle, even if it is just back and forth on your driveway. The idea here is to stop flat spotting on your tyres and to stop your brakes from seizing up. You can also check under your vehicle for any leaks or patches of liquid on the ground which could indicate deterioration in some way.

  • Inspect your tyres regularly as loss of pressure can occur when vehicles are left sitting for long periods of time

  • Keep your vehicle clean and tidy on the inside and out - If bird droppings are left on the vehicle for a long period of time, it eats into the lacquer and can permanently damage the paint work.

If you are needing any advice as to vehicle maintenance or want to find out more about how to manage your fleet using our Fleet Management Driver app, please get in touch with us

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